Borderless Collie is the true story, wagging tails and all, of what it’s really like to step off the career ladder and take a grown-up gap year. Apparently lots of the 'thirty-something' generation, tired of scraping together that unaffordable-house deposit, dream of setting off on the adventure of a lifetime that will turn savings into experiences. Although not everyone takes along a clapped out old campervan, a slightly bemused husband and a rather grumpy dog. Well, we all make mistakes.

So just how do you go on tour when one member of the family wants to spend the day sight seeing the lampposts and competing to become the European crotch sniffing champion? And what if the dog wants to do that too?

Borderless Collie is one dog’s search for the missing generation - well, where are you all?

If you're not filling in your dog passport application form by the end of the first chapter, then your heart must be made of stone.

Or you've got a cat.

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